Antonio Banderas.

Domingo Merlín.


It is a dream coming to life. Sohrlin Andalucía is a space for creation, research and education. Sohrlin Andalucía is the union of Performing Arts and Cultural Entertainment. Sohrlin Andalucía is the union of two paths: that of Antonio Banderas, recognized international star and founder of Teatro del Soho, and Domingo Merlín, a reference in the production of international shows leading his company Merlin Productions.
Sohrlin Andalucía is born with a transversal vocation, it is a broad project in which there is room for production and management, but always pursuing the ultimate goal of enriching and enhancing the broad field of cultural entertainment. Sohrlin Andalucía is a school, a space for creation and a space for production, but above all it is a place to dream.


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