Sohrlin Andalucía has several spaces for creation, we are the epicenter of cultural activity and entertainment in Andalusia and for this we have the best facilities in southern Europe.


A multi-purpose theatrical space, open to the creation of stage, theatrical and musical performances, as well as to the realization of events and cultural events. It has a capacity for 2000 people and will be a versatile space, where the premiere of productions by Soho, Merlin and the resident company Cirque des Sens will take place. It will also be a space open to the world, where students from the Sohrlin Andalucía School will attend rehearsals and practice the most innovative stage techniques.

Immersive space

A place to let yourself go, a totally immersive space, a digital laboratory that will host projections and immersive experiences of its own and others’ production.

Black Box

Black Box is a space of 500 square meters and a capacity of 500 spectators where the premiere of the productions of the youngest creators will take place, works oriented to a very select audience that values the avant-garde and originality.